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This article is about a/an planet in Power Rangers: Lost Ninjas.

Agini is an inhabited volcanic world, and home to the species of the same name.


Agini is a volcanic body in orbit of the binary stars Apollo and Sutur. Its surface is covered in volcanoes and mountains. However, the volcanic soil is nutrient-rich, so the planet can sustain life--it just tends to get covered in magma every once in a while. Vegetation and animals are very hardy.

Its native species, also known as the Agini, have developed the ability to manipulate their own body temperatures to cope with the planet's extreme heat, and they can also see in infrared.


Not much is known about Agini, though spaceflight was probably introduced to the natives via conquering empire a few thousand years ago. It is most famous for the Perun Academy, which specializes in solar engineering.

Significant Residents


  • The name is a reference to Agni, Hindu god of fire.

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