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This article is about a/an universe in Power Rangers Cyber V.

The Akibaverse is the home universe of the Akibaranger.

Deviations from Prime

  • Home to one Sentai team, the Akibaranger, who mostly fight enemies in the Delusion World
  • All other Super Sentai teams are merely television shows, though delusion versions of them often appear to help the Akibaranger in battle. The Power Rangers exist as an adaption of these series called Powerful Rangers.
  • Kamen Rider does not exist in this reality. Instead, there is a popular anime called Z-Cune Aoi, which exists only in this reality.

Known Individuals

Red Nobuo Akagi Takuma Tsuzuki
Blue Mitsuki Aoyagi Luna Iwashimizu
Yellow Yumeria Moegi
  • Hiroyo Hakase
  • KozKoz
  • Sayaka
  • Malshina
  • Delu-Knight
  • Doctor Z
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