Template:RiderInfoTemplate:Quote Aaron Song is Kamen Rider Hex and the defender of Hizashi.


Arata's father, Bae, disappeared mysteriously for a year when he was a teenager. When he was found, he babbled about an underground civilization, giant mole-badgers, gem weapons and Kamen Riders. Nobody believed him, and he grew paranoid,. Arata grew up hearing stories of the world he'd been imprisoned in, and getting bullied by other children because he believed them. When Arata was twelve, Bae caused a massive street fight that led to the deaths of four people—according to him, part of a shadowy organization had been stalking him and attacked with cloaked soldiers, framing him for the resulting fight. The courts chalked it up to paranoid delusions, and sent Bae to a psychiatric ward for the criminally insane. 

Arata's mother Jin struggled to find work, and between various jobs and occasional handouts from Arata's distant grandparents, they got by. Arata became the homemaker, taking care of the house and his three younger siblings (twin girls and a boy) so his mother was free to work. 

He developed an interest in Kamen Riders, particularly the technology behind their transformations, so when his father's former mentor offered him a part-time job as an assistant, he jumped at the chance. 


Arata is a low-energy, serious deadpan snarker who is generally independent by nature. He is very close to and protective of his family, and eventually Mizu, since all are people he can help and be helped by. In spite of what he did, Arata thinks very highly of his father and insulting him is his berserk button.


Hex Rider Lone Alt
  • Hex Quarters
  • Evil Eye
  • Curse Shots
  • Ill Stars
  • Bane Blade
  • Jinx Hammer
  • Motohex
    • Hydra Guns

    • Luck Charms
    • Rabbit Charm
    • Horsehoe Charm
    • Clover Charm
    • Wishbone Charm

  • Blessed Keys
  • Holy Water
  • Darshan Vision
  • Aarti Lamp


Arata is Korean, with grey eyes and smooth black hair that brushes the nape of his neck. He dyes bits of it purple.


  • Arata's backstory is based on the original version of a short-lived Sentai series called Reiki Sentai Yajuuranger.

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