Years ago a warrior from planet Morgun named Probus was a tyrant and became obsessed with power and destroyed countless soldiers on the planet to achieve his goals luckily three Armor Fighters were on patrol and now Probus tends to find a crystal of untold power on planet Earth the hero's then arrive on earth fighting his forces and finding the crystal to their planet and then Probus comes in and demands them for the crystal and then once he gets defeated he orders his follower to possess a girl and then years passed and the power of the Armor Fighters has been trusted to three new hero's Eddy the new wearer of the Hurricane Morpher Kyle and the Gaia Morpher and Scott with the Pyrus Morpher these three are the new Armor Fighters


Hurricane Form / Hurricane Prism Form

Gaia Form / Gaia Prism Form

Pyrus Form / Pyrus Prism Form

The Fighters

Eddy the Hurricane Hero

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Hurricane Fighter

the Hurricane Fighter a Hero with a great tempo a good rhythm and a great flourish his Morpher is like that of a music player that turns him into the Hurricane Fighter for Eddy he has his own plans for his future alone not when it comes to be a Hero a great Hero must learn to make his own friends and to choose the path he takes

this Fighter's Weaponry is the:

Hurricane Greaves, Hurricane Sword and Blaster forms his ultimate form is the Hurricane Prism Form etc.

Kyle the Gaia Hero

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Gaia Fighter

the Gaia Fighter a Hero who loves to play Video Games he often takes his time to reflect on his own training to become a great Hero but his Stress gets the better of him sometimes and would eventually slack off once in a while he doesn't admit defeat at all when he was force to choose his own friend he made called Garus in which he doesn't know of his Morpher is like that of a Video Game Controller

this Fighters Weaponry is the:

Gaia Gauntlet, Gaia Drill and Blaster forms his Ultimate form is the Gaia Prism Form etc.

Scott the Pyrus Hero

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Pyrus Fighter

the Pyrus Fighter and the leader of the Hero's a Hero who plans on his own future and protect anything that matters to him he carries with him a camera sometimes and leaves it behind he focuses more on his own store than being a Hero he soon realizes that being a Hero is to protect the lives on Earth like the previous Pyrus Fighter before him he makes a great leader his Morpher is like that of a Camera

this Fighters Weaponry is the:

Inferno Fist, Blazing Sword and Blaster Form his Ultimate form the Pyrus Prism Form etc.


Armor Fighters XT is based on the events of the Korean series of Armor Hero XT

Episodes 1 to 25

1 the Tower and the Cloak

2 Hurricane on the Move

3 the Hero of the Wind

4 Hurricane takes a stand

5 Eddy's way of the Hero

6 X Marks the spot

7 The Gaia Morpher Arrives

8 Kyle's Determination

9 Video Game Championship

10 The Gaia Temperament

11 along comes a Pyrus

12 Scott on the Move

13 the path of a Hero

14 the Pyrus Hero

15 The Hero's Unite

16 Scorched in Flames

17 Revival of Probus

18 the Battleship Drone

19 The Tower is the Battleship

20 The Battleship Offensive

21 Thunder Arrives

22 Downfall of Thunder

23 Probus Lives

24 The Battle in Space Part 1

25 The Battle on Earth Part 2

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