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This article is about a/an list of weapons in Power Rangers: Aztec Storm.


The Rangers' morphers are Encrusted Bands, gold bracelets inset with gemstones, one large one encircled by a smaller ring. All are worn on the left wrist. The jewels are rubies, garnets, sapphires, diamonds, onyxes and emeralds, respectively. To morph, the Rangers bring their left fists to their right shoulders and back, then point down and press the center gems with their two first right fingers. The morphing call is "Aztec Storm, Chosen Form!"

Power Weapons

Tezcatlipoca Sword

A maquahuitl (pronounced "mah-kee-tul"), or flat-bladed, clublike sword. It is red on the hilt and down the blade, with silver around the edges.

Tlaloc Claws

Ninja claws, blue-handled and silver-bladed.

Temazcalteci Fans

War Fans, white with each blade sharpened to a point.

Xochiquetzal Feathers

Kunai, or small throwing knives with no crosspiece. The Pink Ranger can summon as many as she needs.

Mictlantecutli Club

A plain club, wielded by the Black Ranger.

Quetzalcoatl Staff

A quarterstaff, green and gold.


Hurricane Cycles

Motorcycles used for street travel. They were built by Tezcatlipoca, and are each Ranger's color and gold, with their animal's head on the front.

Mirror Band

The Red Ranger's Battlizer, a silver bracelet set with three rectangles of obsidian, worn on the right wrist and crossed with the Encrusted Band for use. The call is "Mirror Shields Battlizer, Activate!" It changes the gold accents on the Red Ranger's suit to silvery obsidian, giving him greaves and a chest shield, with a roaring jaguar's head front and center. The jaguars on his visor reverse glass and silver, and he gains two round shields on his arms. These absorb all enemy attacks and reflect them back at the sender.

Azteca Zords

The Rangers each have one Zord, stored inside the temple of each of their Teotl. All of them were destroyed in battle against the Acuallizord.

Jaguar Zord

Personal Zord of the Red Ranger. Forms the torso and head of the Azteca Megazord, and just the torso of the Sun Ascension Megazord.

Crocodile Zord

Personal Zord of the Blue Ranger. Forms one leg for both Megazords.

Fox Zord

Personal Zord of the White Ranger. Forms one leg for both Megazords.

Dove Zord

Personal Zord of the Pink Ranger. Forms one arm for both Megazords.

Eagle Zord

Personal Zord of the Black Ranger. Forms one arm for both Megazords.

Snake Zord

Personal Zord of the Green Ranger, confirmed to be capable of space travel as well as flight. Forms the armor and head of the Sun Ascension Megazord.

Zord Combinations

Azteca Megazord

Combinatoin of the five basic Azteca Zords, it is armed with a red and gold Megazord Maquahuitl.

Sun Ascension Megazord

Combination of all six Azteca Zords, it is armed with a flat-bladed spear, or Tepoztopilli, and can be combined with various Rangers' powers for specific attacks, such as the Volcano Strike.

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