A list of weapons, mostly created by Reya Hidalgo, wielded by the Rumor Legion Rangers.


Rumor Blades

Ranger Totems

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A set of small statuettes, like chess pieces, which can be used to power the Rangers and their weapons. The first set--the Dragon, Lamb, Coyote, Spider and Tiger--originally appeared in the Rangers' pockets when their Spirits chose them. To morph the Rangers insert the totems into the hilts of their swords and shout "Spirit In!"


The Vikaxe is a battleaxe wielded by the Red Ranger and summoned with the Viking Totem. Its force can generate shockwaves.


The Centurishield is a shield wielded by the Yellow Ranger and summoned with the Centurion Totem. It can be thrown to blast through an opponent and ricochet back to its wielder.


The Geronarrow is a bow and arrows wielded by the Green Ranger and summoned with the Geronimo Totem. It can fire volleys of arrows at once.


The Tribo is a bo staff wielded by the Indigo Ranger and summoned with the Tribal Totem. It has enough force to impale an opponent even with blunted ends.


The Shini are a set of stylized kunai wielded by the White Ranger and summoned with the Shinobi Totem. They are sharp enough to slice into stone.

Spirit Speeders







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