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This article is about a/an set of weapons in Power Rangers: Shattered Hourglass.
A list of weapons in the Hourglass Rangers' arsenal.

Gyro Morphers

Pendants worn around the neck, used for both morphing and generating a disguise (in order to take the place of one of the Akra's targets).  They are miniature hourglasses inside gyroscopes. It has a disguise function activated by the call "Sands of Time, Conceal!", removed by "Reveal!" Morphing requires spinning the gyroscope and giving the morphing call: "Sands of Time, Rise Up!"

Power Weapons

Punjab Lasso

Used by the Slate Ranger; a blue lasso used for snaring Akra.  Its secondary attack is the Phantom Noose, filling the rope with enough energy to strike and grab Akra unaided, capable of picking them up.

Electro Javelin

Used by the Cerulean Ranger; a double-pointed spear that generated pulses of energy capable of knocking out a humanoid.  Its secondary attack is the Lightning Rod, catching an enemy burst and channeling it back at them.

Neural Net

Used by the Harlequin Ranger; a net studded with psychic pulse generators that fired to knock out whoever was wrapped inside it.  Its secondary attack was the Psychic Wave, a wave powerful enough to take out anyone in the vicinity who was not a morphed Hourglass Ranger.

Brass Knuckles

Used by the Fulvous Ranger; a set of metal knuckles.  The secondary attack is the Fist Pound; the user slams one or both fists into the ground, causing tremors and splits.


Used by the Amaranth Ranger; a set of wrist-mounted laser guns.  Their attack is the Laser Trap; they fire laser beams that bounce off solid objects and interweave into a web around the target.


Hourglass Revolvers

A set of standard sidearms used by all Hourglass Rangers.  They look like brassy flintlock pistols, and appear when summoned.  They have two modes, standard (fires gas pellets to knock out the target) and Tranquilizer or Trank Mode; the pommel twists up and a needle projects from it, used to directly inject a sedative into the target.

Pocket Dimensions

Extra storage space used by the Rangers for their weapons, and for safely containing the people they replace while in disguise. It is linked to the Gyro Morpher, but otherwise appears as a set of metal bars linked together in a circle, which is snapped open for access.  The user says the name of the object they want, and it appears in their grasp.

Containment Jars

Glass jars with metal lids used for storing the detatched Akra.  They are filled with an anesthetic fluid to keep the Akra unconscious, and stored in the Pocket Dimension when not in use.

Portal Pointers

Silver devices resembling laser pointers, used to generate portals.  Their coordinates are set by twisting a set of rings hidden inside the body of the device (it telescopes) and then pushing the second button (the first is the on/off switch).

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