Annabelle "Belle" Rachana DeSantos
Mesozoic Pink Ranger
Gender: Female
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Season: Power Rangers: Mesozoic Giants
Colors: Pink
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Mesozoic Mission, Part 2
Last Appearance: Close of the Mesozoic Era
Number of Episode
Mesozoic Pink Ranger
Mesozoic White Ranger

Annabelle "Belle" Rachana DeSantos is the former Mesozoic Pink Ranger and the current Mesozoic White Ranger.


Belle was cloned by the Akra with DNA stolen from Rocky DeSantos and Kimberly Ann Hart, then programmed with memories of being their natural daughter. She was, naturally, a talented gymnast who won many trophies before giving that up to train as a Ranger. Around this point she began to develop an attraction to the Red Ranger, Kev.

The blast that neutralized Belle's Akra also made her briefly sick, though she recovered well enough. However, as Northside was torn apart by the departing Silverstar, two Monitors kidnapped Belle for study, teleporting her up to the spaceship. She woke up strapped to a frame, with a very weak Akra and a pair of scientists deciding to replace it. When they left, Belle negotiated with the creature, resisting its attempts at retaking control, and finally teaming up with it to escape.

They met Jack soon after, who had stowed away before departure, and the pair began breaking out clones and other captured Northsiders. Jack let Belle borrow his Ivory morpher, and as he stormed the bridge, she went to take care of the captain, Tiffany Grace-Drake. Belle and her Akra joined forces, allowing </the pair to take down nearly every dangerous Monitor aboard the Silverstar with unnatural fighting skills, though the backlash knocked Belle out.

By the time the Silverstar touched down in Northside again, Belle had recovered, and took the Blue morpher to help drive the remaining monsters out of town. She became aware of her feelings for Kev again, although she tried to suppress them, thinking they were leftovers from her time as an Akra Host.

A little while later, the group was attacked by the Hourglass Rangers, under the false impression that they were Akra gone out of control. Belle in particular was targeted, as the only one with anything like an active Akra, and the Akra Queen tried to take her over. Reminding the Akra that letting the Queen come in and kill everyone else included Kev helped the creature fight back, just long enough for the others to dope them. When Belle woke up again, her Akra was dying. With one final mention that the Akra had based her and Kev's relationship on Belle's actual feelings, the Akra self-destructed, dissipating inside Belle's body. Shortly thereafter, Belle destroyed both Tiffany and the Yellow Mesomorpher in one explosion, just before the Akra could harm Kev. That night, she intervened again, providing a kick at just the right moment. In the aftermath, Kev finally kissed her and confirmed their relationship, to Belle's relief.

In the final battle, Belle fought alongside her teammates, now as the White Ranger and mostly providing cover with her arrows. She later lived on in Mesozoic Manor with her teammates to protect the clones and recovering Hosts.


As a Host, Belle was an airheaded cheerleader and valley girl, more bothered by broken nails and helmet hair than by monstrous attacks. Afterwards, although she retained the valley girl attitude when she was angry, Belle grew more street smart and sensitive, along with being talkative. She also possesses photographic memory.


</tabber> Mesozoic Pink=

  • Styracoshield
  • Styracozord

|-| Mesozoic White=

  • Quetzalbow
  • Quetzalzord



Belle is Caucasian, with a petite build and tanned skin. She has shoulder-length brown hair with blond highlights, and brown eyes.


  • Before character recruitment, Belle's equivalent would have been a Tommy/Kim daughter who went through the names Anne, Jenny, Lenore, Ursula, Violet, and Zoe.

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