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  • Thantosiet

    Location: Hourglass Facility, Canada

    Date: July 3rd, 2010

    “Warning. Force shield generators damaged. Shield failure imminent.”

    The masculine, robotic voice echoed through chrome-and-white hallways, its serenity contrasting with the chaos going on around it. Men and women, some human but many not, were dashing from room to room frantically. Some, wearing white lab coats and safety gear, carried equipment, while others in military uniforms ran the other way with weapons. All of them wore the same symbol, an hourglass, emblazoned on their clothes and gear.

    The elevator at the end of the hall opened its doors, and a Power Ranger stumbled out. His blue-and-bronze suit was blackened and torn, and he'd lost a glove; his hand streaked the walls with s…

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  • Thantosiet

    Easton stole the Energy Morpher right out of Tauza's hands and fled, finding the injured Kerri with the broken Sound Morpher. Taking her to safety, he returned for any other ninjas he could save, encountering Susana as she took her morpher from another student to fight. All three fled to the Cave of Bubbling Pools as Tauza's forces captured the rest of the school.

    "…And he was never seen again, right?" Susana asked. Why did all of these ghost stories end exactly the same way?

    "Pretty much," Kerri replied. She walked ahead of the others down the tunnel. Her limp was still distinct, but thanks to an energy boost from Easton (and maybe a slight attitude adjustment from Susana), she'd said it was "okay." Her voice echoed, and more faintly, the s…

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  • Thantosiet

    Zart interrupted the morpher presentation ceremony, and killed the would-be Lifelight Ranger when he protested. Another Lifelight student offered Zart the dead teen's morpher to try to make him leave, but Zart only launched his attack. In the chaos, one of the chosen Rangers, Jess, was able to morph. Wyatt, who'd been late to the ceremony, rescued the Sensei's young daughter and got the Crimson Morpher from Jess. The trio fled the island as it erupted, the rest of the school being captured by Xumara.

    Mason Green, known to most as "Rat," gave his outboard motor a smack. The machine chuttered a little, but did nothing else. With a groan, the fourteen-year-old flopped back in the boat, and looked around at the dark Caribbean. Too dark to tell …

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  • Thantosiet

    Sienna pedaled the bike as fast as she could, wishing she'd forgotten her uniform today. If she'd just gone with a T-shirt and pants like normal, she wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb. As it was, her best chance was to just get away from the Academy as fast as she could. She was very aware of the Summer Season Morpher, a metal-and-wood belt buckle with a sun inset in the center, belted at her waist.

    It didn't look like she was being followed. Sienna cruised to a stop, ran a hand through her auburn hair, and let out a whooshing breath. She looked down at the belt buckle. It was pretty enough, gold on light brown wood, but didn't seem all that powerful. Not worth the big hullabaloo everyone was making. Some of the other students were fight…

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  • Thantosiet

    Easton ducked into a narrow tunnel, pebbles showering his back as the Snipers kept shooting. Swinging around, he gestured, both hands together, and hurled a ball of blinding golden energy at them. It hit one, and as the others recovered, Easton pulled aside a wall hanging and crawled into a narrow tunnel.

    It was barely wide enough for the tall teen to crawl through. His breathing rasped in the passage, and slowly, his eyes adjusted to the darkness. His hands looked very white against the blue-black rock, ribbed with streaks of multicolored minerals. The sour tang of mildew hung in the damp, stale air.

    Easton kept crawling until he reached a crossroads. Pausing, he listened. From the tunnel to the right, he could hear voices. Survivors or inv…

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  • Thantosiet

    A strawberry blonde named Jess headed down a dirt trail towards the assembly compound. Above her, the long-dormant volcano that had formed the island rose through the greenery, its top wreathed in grey clouds, and a flock of colorful birds flew past it. Animals, birds and insects chirred and squeaked in the jungle around them, voices echoing almost eerily. The forest blazed bright green in the late afternoon sunlight, the thatched huts and bungalows forming parts of Earthlight Academy pale yellow smudges among the greenery. The school was spread all across the small island, mostly outdoors.

    The compound ahead was a clearing of packed dirt, the banners of each discipline set up around its edges. In the center was a bamboo stage, empty for th…

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  • Thantosiet

    "Zart, please come out of the building with your hands in the air," a police megaphone echoed through the dingy apartment building. The order was repeated in Chinese, and inside Apartment 32, Zart crouched in the bathtub, hugging his knees to his chest and breathing very quickly.

    The searchlights outside gleamed off his shaven head and the flame tattoo on his forehead. The Asian man's patched, dirty clothes were scorched at the edges, and the entire apartment was dotted with black patches, all barely visible even with the severe light pollution outside.

    "Zart, come out or we will be forced to come in after you," the policeman called. Zart laughed under his breath. There was a psychotic glitter in his eyes.

    "Like you'd dare," he hissed, and be…

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  • Thantosiet
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  • XMultiWiki

    Hi, Im Jose

    Known in pages with pseudonim XMulti

    In this Case XMultiWiki

    If you got on this post, entering purposely or accidentally

    I invite you to stay and read the rest of this entry

    The people close to me have said I Have a lot of Imagination

    And I love All Tokusatsu

    So I decided to combine both

    For the past Three Years

    I have Been imagining, Creating and Dreaming to do my history possible

    Is like my little Baby

    But, If I do it alone, may be on one perspective only

    And become boring to soon

    So Im looking for people, who love tokustsu, loves writing and have a great imagination to help me

    Thats why this post exists, If you reader are interested in helping me send me a message through my wall or my twiiter account (My twitter is in my profile)

    Or If yo…

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  • Aldo The Fox

    Blip is closing.

    July 20, 2015 by Aldo The Fox

    Well, the worst possible thing has happened to internet reviewers all over the world. Today on July 20, 2015, Blip announced it was shutting down its servers.

    No explanation as to why, but.. I'll blame Disney for buying out Maker Studios for whatever sinister purpose the evil anti-internet, control obsessed corporation has. (Disney for those who don't know or forgot, did support SOPA and other Internet damaging bills and has tried to lobby for Copyright on IP to last for an eternity so it cannot fall into the public domain, an authors life plus 100 years with multiple chances to renew the rights.)

    Linkara, Nostalgia Critic, and the Channel Awesome Crew.... Des Shinta, EZ Rider, Derek The Bard and so many others are now without a home online an…

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  • Dungareeunlimited39

    Garo Help

    June 7, 2015 by Dungareeunlimited39

    Hello everyone as you know I am new here but I am currently writing a X-over fic of one my favorite Toku shows, GARO, and one of the weirdest animes i've ever watched all the way through, Panty & Stocking with Gaterbelt, called Garo: Fencer of Gold! The plot for this is somewhat simple but i'll explain it as best I can.

    Several thousand years ago after Mendoza was sealed within the Makai. A legendary and all mighty Horror named Tyr was awakened with the ability to call forth horrors from it's very body. Before being sealed back into the Makai he tainted three Makai knights into serving him and granted them immortality until his return to the human world.

    Meanwhile, after leaving for 10 years the human known as Brief has returned to Daten City…

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  • Thantosiet

    This series is currently undergoing revisions.

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  • Thantosiet

    This series is currently undergoing revisions.

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  • Thantosiet

    This series is currently undergoing revisions.

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  • Thantosiet

    This series is currently undergoing revisions.

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  • Thantosiet

    This series is currently undergoing revisions.

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  • Thantosiet

    This series is currently undergoing revisions.

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  • Thantosiet

    This series is currently undergoing revisions.

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  • Aldo The Fox

    Hello everyone!

    Just a quick post to inform you all that I have enabled a new feature for this wiki, Wikia Maps!

    You can use this feature to create you own interactive maps of your fictional worlds or real world locations.

    I am activating it so you can expand your creative side and as part of an experimental phase to see if this could possibly be used on our other wikis. (A map of fictional Japan or Futo for KR wiki would be sweet!)

    Here are the instructions on how to use it:

    Also, I may use this wiki as a trial run of Wikia's new Lua it seems to make building custom templates a little easier. It's not set in stone yet, as I want to ask Community Central some questions about it before g…

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  • Aldo The Fox

    I mean, wow..just.... WOW! THANK YOU SHOUT FACTORY!

    Bless your hearts for giving the Tokusatsu fandom a little ray of hope!  I highly encourage all of you to spread the word and buy this set. While fansubs are great, we need to support the medium when official releases come. That way we can get EVEN MORE toku over here legally!

    I love Comic-Con/Power Morphicon Week, its like a third Christmas for nerds....(*Hold back tears*)

    I never thought this day would come....

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  • Aldo The Fox

    After some thought, I have realized that every Rider or group of Riders in a series has powers that stand out from one another. Here is my list of them.

    • Ichigo: The Rider of Skill, Hongo-san has super intellect and it allows him to take down his opponents with a fighting style that uses precision strikes and effective strategy tactics. This skill makes him more than worthy of being the leader of the Kamen Riders.
    • Nigo: Hayato is the Rider of Strength. Ichigo's original cyborg design was enhanced by Shocker when they remodeled Hayato to increase its brute strength to overpower Hongo. Hayato has incredible super strength, one awesome demonstration of this was in Kamen Rider Spirits where he lifted a tank Superman-style and tossed it on the gro…

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  • Digi

    With the bases computers tapped into the shuttle, Epsilon found the mainframe of the Element Rangers’ computers.

    Epsilon: What’s this? It seems some codes need to be downloaded onto our server.

    He quickly pressed in the digits on the panel before stepping away to a different console and taking the controls. Outside the base, the Element Shuttle rose from the ground to aid the two Megazords. Using its laser, the Element Shuttle fired a beam into the Globbor.

    Gary: Thanks Epsilon. Now, let’s do this. Void Star, Saber Crash!

    Alexander: Penta Element, Defense Strike!

    Buster: Five Star Laser, fire!

    While turned to the Element Shuttle, the Indigo Globbor felt the full force of two Megazord slashes striking down his back, followed by the laser blasts f…

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  • Digi

    In the other dimension version of Star City, Epsilon, the Aether Rangers, and the Element Collision Rangers were down to the last few footsoldiers.

    Alexander, Jacob, Sin, Joshua, and Karen: Element Cannon, Element Blast!

    Gary, Ken, Francis, Caitlin, Renee, and Epsilon: Quintus Cannon, fire!

    Buster: Star Shooter, full power!

    With the combined energy blast, the remainder of the Blue Putties and Oozemen fell into a pile of goo. As the rangers began to walk away, they couldn’t help but notice that one of the blobs they had decimated began moving. They looked at its path, noticing that all of them were heading to a central point, combining into a much larger blob that then took the form of a giant Indigo Globbor.

    Alexander: *sigh* Figures. Penta Ele…

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  • Digi

    The Cerberus Blade brought its claws down on the Time Force Megazord, forcing it to fall in a shower of sparks as the Spectral Genesis Megazord brought its sword in to defend it from another strike, also using the shield for itself.

    Micki: We can’t let them fall for this. Gothika Carrierzord, fire!

    The Carrierzord fired off two missiles, striking the Cerberus Blade in the back. With this opportunity, the Time Force Megazord rose again and performed a double slash with the Spectral Genesis Megazord. With the massive injury, the three-headed wolf fell over and exploded in a massive fireball, its essence going into the atmosphere and dissipating into nothingness.

    Trip: Alright, now its time we get going. The pass codes to the get to the base are…

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  • Digi

    In Ocean Bluff, or rather the other dimensional version of it, the three Jungle Fury Rangers and Flit wake up in the plaza.

    RJ: What happened? Where’d that guy go?

    Flit: I’m not sure, but something doesn’t seem right. Virtually no damage, no voices of people running from danger…

    Lily: That’s a good point. You would expect some signs of a battle or for us to be dead, but that didn’t happen. This is just strange.

    RJ: We need to get back to the pizza shop. If anything else strange occurs, we’ll need to pack up what we can.

    The four head back to JKP, unaware that a lone Rinshi is following them from up on the roof tops.

    Octomus and his goons have arrived in 2007

    Octomus: Ah, now my revenge can truly begin. Nadira, you go to San Angeles and obtain the…

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  • Digi

    Doggie is prepared to leave and is talking with Captain Porupo.

    Doggie: Okay Captain, while I’m gone, I am leaving you and Numa in charge. When I get back, I expect everything to be in order. Am I understood?

    Porupo: Crystal clear sir.

    Just then, Instructor Bunta walks in.

    Bunta: Commander, the tests are complete. The morpher does have some items within from the transportation. They are three weapons and one zord.

    Doggie: Well, that will have to do. Give me the morpher.

    Porupo: Sir, what if you don’t complete the mission?

    Doggie: Well, then this is a decision I won’t have to live with.

    Doggie takes the morpher and straps it on his wrist.

    Doggie: I’m going with a time that has some of SPD’s strongest allies.

    He presses a button that opens up a portal…

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  • Digi

    Ardric finally came across the Stratoforce rangers, whose ultrazord was being overridden by Stingwingers and Tengas.

    Ardric: Oh no you don’t!

    He began flapping his wings, setting the two groups of foot soldiers ablaze. He then shifted into Red Wind Ranger.

    Ardric: Okay birdbrains, I feel like some fried chicken. Hawk Blaster!

    He rushed forward, slicing through numerous Tengas. He then turned his attention to the Stingwingers.

    Ardric: I don’t think so. Triassic Power!

    He shifted straight into the Triassic Ranger and transported the Stingwingers into his own pocket dimension, having them caught in a web and him slicing through them. After this task was complete, the remaining Stingwingers and Tengas fled the scene and Ardric returned to his basic …

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  • Digi

    Jack: Let’s see if we can get a satellite image of this new bio reading.

    Ardic: I wouldn’t waste my time if I were you. (Looks at the fuzzy screen)

    Rebecca: That’s weird, usually we’re getting a high definition view of the world by now. Why aren’t we picking anything up?

    Thomson: Because there are no satellites. Think about it, have we seen a single civilian car since we’re here? What about people? It seems this guy is just taking rangers and whoever else is in their Megazords.

    Jack: Rangers, move out

    Ardric: Thomson, take the team to get those SPD two signals. I’ll send the codes to your communicators (The Speed Rangers exit the room, leaving Ardric and Jack)

    Jack: Now to get back to work. (he enters his lab off to the side with Ardric)

    Trip: Gu…

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  • Digi

    The Tiger kept running until it came to the Speed Ultrazord. Once it reached it’s destination, it faded back into Ardric.

    Ardric: Well, I’m here, now to go inside.

    Thomson: Is everyone ok?

    Rebecca: I’m fine. (into communicator) Dad, is mom alright?

    Jack: We’re both fine, thanks for asking. Hey, what’s that? (He looks over at the security monitor and sees The Red Millennium Ranger observing the door) Rangers, get to the main entrance. We have company that may be friendly, but just in case…

    Matt: We got it.

    Jack: Thanks. Now go rangers!

    At the Entrance

    Ardric: Ah good, the doors are opening.

    Thomson: Are you friend or foe?

    Ardric: Friend.

    Jack (over Rebecca’s communicator): Rangers, bring him to central command.

    Dan: Yes sir. (He does an SPD style solut…

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  • Digi

    Jim: Is everyone all right?

    Oscar: Just got my butt kicked by a clock monster, but other than that, I’m good.

    Lulu: All systems normal.

    Tyler: Nothing appears to be too heavily damaged.

    Sara: Everything appears to be normal.

    Ben: But the landing was rough on the zords, and they don’t appear to be able to move. Aside from the Aura Car, that is.

    Jim: That could be a problem.

    Sara: Uh, guys, there are other people approaching.

    Tyler: Friend or foe?

    Sara: It’s kind of hard to say.

    The rangers leave the Megazord, which is lying in the mountains on its back. They see the Time Jet coming towards them.

    Trip: It seems we found them.

    Jen: Good. Now we need to get them back to base.

    Jim: So, who exactly are you guys?

    Lucas: We’re Power Rangers, Time Force. We came…

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  • Digi

    The four Time Force rangers woke up in the back of their megazord

    Katie: What happened?

    Trip: I don’t know.

    Lucas: Guys, the Bio-scanner says there are only six life-signs on Earth.

    Jen: That can’t be right. Does that include us?

    Lucas: When we went to 2001, Earth’s living population was increased by seven and increased with every mutant unfrozen, and vice versa, so yes, that does count us.

    The rangers leave the Megazord, which is lying in the mountains on its back.

    Trip: Guys, one is getting closer, and I’m picking up a massive energy reading with it.

    They see someone who looks like the Red Time Force Ranger flying through the air on the Strata Cycle towards them from the other end of the street, being chased by an army of Quadrafighters piloted …

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  • Digi

    In the year 3007, all was calm in Millennium City. Ransik was under House Arrest living with his daughter Nadira for the crimes he had committed. The four Rangers were elevated to a higher position, the only person over them was Alex Drake. They thought Earth’s last enemy was gone for good. They didn’t know how wrong they were. On the outskirts of the city an old evil was awakening.

    Octomus: Ah, the Surface World will soon be mine. I shall exact my revenge on the Power Rangers.

    Trip: Guys, I’m picking up some abnormal energy readings outside of the city.

    Katie: Should we send some cadets to investigate?

    Jen: Those readings are higher than Ransik’s were. It’s too dangerous for a cadet to handle. We’re the only ones who can do this. Ready!

    All fo…

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  • Digi

    Deep in the recesses of the Shadow World, there was a meeting of the vilest scum to ever cross the ultimate force of good, the Power Rangers.

    Dark Specter: The rangers have been a thorn in our side for far too long.

    Scorpius: There is no way we can defeat them in this state.

    Octomus: If given another chance, I could take them down.

    Bansheera: How, we were all destroyed or sealed away.

    Lothor: If only I had the still Samurai Amulet. Then we would have a way to the surface.

    Mesogog: Lothor, you would still be on the surface world had my lab not been destroyed.

    Octomus: I can make it. Unlike the rest of you, I was destroyed by an overload of magic. That means I have an unlimited amount of power, and it has grown for a thousand years.

    Frax: Octomus, w…

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  • Aldo The Fox

    Two days passed and the leaders were sent back to their cozy mansions and homes. Some of them slept with the weight of the decision they made haunting their dreams while others acted as if nothing happened. It wasn't 'til the next morning that they ordered the troops to stand down and let the Pra'meths begin their tests. Naturally, the people did not like this decision and some military forces decided it was better to commit treason just to defend their homes than be under alien rule.

    Banding together the armies began slowly devising plans to use the weapons testing as a means to eliminate their uninvited guests.

    ====5 months later: Mojave Desert, 8:25 pm, somewhere outside Utah====
    On the plains of the desert, a Pra'meth scout ship nestled o…

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  • Aldo The Fox

    ==Prologue of Fire Part 2==
    The massive ship moved forward and approached the planet, as it descended it launched a volley of anti-proton missiles and a hail of plasma laser fire at Tokyo, Japan. The JDF barely had any time to respond and were forced to request the US Navy to mobilize to back them up.

    Commander: "This is JDF! Mayday! Mayday! We are under attack! USS Harlem please respond! Dispatch all available naval and air units to mobilize!"

    Admiral Hernandez: "This is the USS Harlem, we read you JDF! We have sighted the target and are preparing to engage!"

    The USS Harlem was the pride of the US Navy.
    Carbon-bonded Titanium hull, 3 long-range energy railguns, a cloaking shield, 3 Wyvern-class rapid-fire turrets and a squadron of F-56-D Blue …

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  • Aldo The Fox

    Lex Luthor becomes fed up with the heroes interfering with the plans of the Injustice Society and creates a device that will erase them from existence. The device is a modified Phase Oscillator powered by the magic of Klarion the Witch Boy. The Justice League catches wind of this plot and try to stop him but accidentally power up the machine before Klarion finishes the incantations. In a flash of light, all the world's superheroes and super villains vanish... only to find themselves on different Earths that are not part of the DC Multiverse and presumably trapped there forever....

    Crossover notes:

    This project is going to be our first wiki collaboration and anyone who wishes to participate or has questions about the J-heroes selected, please…

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  • Aldo The Fox

    ==Prologue of Fire Part 1==
    Long ago, out in the vast cosmos, there was a planet in the Tau Ceti system that was home to the Pra'meths.

    The Pra'meths were once a peaceful race of aliens that made space travel through their star system a pleasant experience by welcoming travelers and giving them food, shelter and medicine for their journeys. However, in the Earth year of 1925, The Crisis Empire launched an assault on the Pra'meth homeworld and placed it under military occupation. The Empire forced them into slave labor building their weapons and factories, and as the years passed the succeeding generations of the populace had become mutated by the pollution of the factories chemical wastes and their appearances had become as hideous as the we…

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  • Digi

    These are the villains featured in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megaforce, my personal fanfic.

    • Octomus the Master

    • Knight Wolf / Ransik
      • Nadira
        • Geisha Megazord
          • Violet Geishazord
          • Indigo Geishazord
          • Green Geishazord
          • Orange Geishazord
          • Pink Geishazord
      • Darkness Morpher
      • Sword and Shield of Darkness
      • Catastros
        • Centaur Megazord / Centaurus Wolf Megazord
      • Mutants

    • Miratrix
      • Kunoichi Megazord
        • Lion Kunoichizord
        • Tiger Kunoichizord
        • Leopard Kunoichizord
        • Cheetah Kunoichizord
        • Lynx Kunoichizord

    • Sylar
      • Cyber Morpher
      • Nega Cyber Blaster
      • Cyber Destroyer

    • Ninjakon (Normal / Expansion / Fury)
      • Ninjakon Saber/Lance
      • Ninjakon Nimbus

    Violet Orchid
    Indigo Iris
    Green Lotus
    Orange Lilly
    Pink Sakura
    • Felis Morpher
      • Battle Borg Coins
    • Felis Sabers
    • Petal Missile
    • Felis Command
    • Battle Borgs

    • Black Knight
      • Dark Horse
    • Royal Reapers
      • Knave…

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  • Digi

    Here is a list of allies found in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megaforce.

    • Zordon
    • Alpha 5
    • Dimitria
    • Alpha 6
    • Captain William Mitchell
    • Doctor Angela Fairweather
    • Circuit
    • Captain Logan
    • Princess Shayla
    • Sensei Kanoi Watanabe
    • Boom
    • Ally Samuels
    • Andrew Hartford
    • Spencer
    • Fran
    • Doctor K
    • Mentor Ji
    • Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
    • Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
    • Jerome Stone
    • Professor Phenomenus
    • Cassidy Cornell
    • Devin Del Valle
    • Spike Skullovitch
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  • Digi

    A list of zords in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megaforce.

    Similar to the Shogunzords. Piloted by the Eltarian Rangers

    • Eltarian Artillary Megazord
      • Eltarian Megazord
        • Red Eltarzord
        • Blue Eltarzord
        • Yellow Eltarzord
        • Pink Eltarzord
        • Green Eltarzord
        • Eltarian Chopper
      • Black Eltarzord
      • Eltarian Gyro (Legendary Eltar Megazord)

    Piloted by the Royal Knights and the Royal Reapers

    • Sky Sentinel Megazord - Similar to Astro Megazord
      • Sky Rider
      • Sentinel Base
    • Dragon Reaperzord

    Piloted by the Golbal Defenders

    • Flying Shark - Releases the Global Defender
    • Global Defender Megazord
    • White Star Defenderzord - A much smaller, yet blocky, version of the Global Defender, white with red accendants; Carries a weapon similar to defender sword

    Piloted by the Deep Space Warriors

    • Deep Space Warrior M…

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  • Digi

    A list of weapons and vehicles in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megaforce.


    • Eltarian Morpher
      • Eltar Power Coins
    • Super Whip
      • Mega Whip
    • Red Eltar Blaster
    • Super Bow
      • Mega Bow
    • Super Sticker - a fighting pole which can be outfitted with various attachments
    • Mega Radio - able to jam electrical circuitry
    • Super Mirrors - can confuse opponents
    • Mega Cards
    • Green-Shot - sling shot used to fire explosives
    • Superang
      • Megarang
    • Eltar Bombs - Used to execute the Eltar Super Goal
    • Mega Sword
      • Super Daggers


    • Eltar Riders
      • Super Eltar Riders
    • Black Glider - Flying Bike
    • Eltarian Tank
    • Eltarian Balloon
    • Eltarian Gyro
    • Eltarian Chopper - A bird like flying fortress; Doubles as a zord for megazord configuration


    • Datacard Capsule
      • Power Cards
    • Holo-Capsule
    • Spade Archer
    • Diamond Blade
    • Chakram…

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  • Digi

    This is the space where I shall keep info on the fic I am composing, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megaforce", uniting all teams of Rangers across time and space to fight enemies that had long been destroyed. Copies that I have can be found at

    • Ranger Vision

    "In the distant past, a great war is going on between Lord Zedd and Master Vile. This war threatens the planet Eltar and so a powerful wizard known as Zordon asks his friend, Ninjor, to create powers for five Eltarian’s to wield and use to protect there planet. Ninjor creates the Prototype Power Coins (Later he makes more powerful ones) and selects these five." - Ranger12


    • Red Ranger / Zoltar - Zoltar is a natural leader though this sometimes goes to his head. Later is captured by L…

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