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This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers: Lost Ninjas.
Brigadier Chubouzu
Gender: Male
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Season: Power Rangers: Lost Ninjas
Type: General
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First Appearance: Trial by Fire
Last Appearance: Smoke, Fire and Metal
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Chubouzu is a subordinate of Major Jambavan.

Character History

Chubouzu was the one to upgrade Jambavan, and a source of news about the fleet, presumably gained from his half-brother. He saved the nearly-dead Xumara when Tauza brought her to the Major.


Chubouzu is relatively loyal, not particularly emotive.

Talents and Abilities

He is a surgeon and capable of making monsters grow with his grenades.


Chubouzu closely resembles his half-brother Choobo, but his armor is silver and his cape beige.

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