California is one of the 50 states in the United States, which is a nation on Earth.


  • Angel Grove
    • Defended by several teams of Rangers
  • Stone Canyon
    • Hometown of a few early Rangers
  • Mariner Bay
    • Defended by Lightspeed Rangers
  • Silver Hills
    • Defended by Time Force Rangers
  • Turtle Cove
    • Defended by Wild Force Rangers
  • Blue Bay
  • Blue Bay Harbor
    • Location of entrance to Wind Ninja Academy
  • Reefside
    • Defended by Dino Rangers
  • Briarwood
    • Defended by Mystic Force Wizards
  • Cypress
  • San Juan
    • Near Cypress, site of a big monster battle
  • Moreno
    • Location of MIT
  • Hollywood

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