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This article is about a/an city in Power Rangers: Lost Ninjas.
Castle Ridge

North is the upper right corner.

Castle Ridge is a mining town in the Appalachians of Pennsylvania.


Castle Ridge sits on the side of a mountain, very close to the coal mines. Thus, despite various safety measures, coal dust blankets the town and the surrounding forest, mostly pines. It is rocky and rather dingy.


Castle Ridge was founded after the discovery of local coal deposits in the mid-1700's by a wealthy landowner named Jonathan Castle, who shipped in miners from various nations, particularly Ireland. In 1866, a group of Enlightenment civilians founded the Terra Ninja Academy in the nearby mountains. This secretly boosted Castle Ridge's economy as students and their families came to stay in town.

By the early 21st century, the Castle family still ran most of the town. When the monster invasions began, several businesses cleared out, but monster and Ranger enthusiasts and researchers actually created a boost in the local economy.

Significant Residents

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