Chinami Takahara
Black Beat
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: October 13
Age: 30
Season: Euro Sentai Beatranger
Colors: Black
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: ????
Last Appearance: ????
Number of Episode
Black Beat

"Conquering the Night! Black Beat!"

Chinami Takahara (髙原 千奈美 Takahara Chinami) is the black Beatranger, known as Black Beat, and a veteran dispatcher and training instructor. She wields power gained from Horror Resonance.


(to be added)


Chinami is the oldest and generally most mature of the group, though she has a flair for the dramatic. She seems to become disappointed at trivial things.


Black Beat


As Black Beat, Chinami has enhanced strength, a protective suit, and resistance to most hostile resonance, as well as the ability to blend into shadows. She can summon the Euro Stingers, a set of black throwing knives, as her personal weapon.

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