Chronoroids are mechanical beings which lives in another dimension.

Anatomy and Paraphernalia

Chronoroids are mechanical beings. Inside their sleek armor-suit are many mechanical components.

Their whole armor-suit is made using "Chronometal", one of the strongest metals in the universe.

Common Powers and Abilities

Powers are different in each form, but all of them share these powers:

  • Teleportation: Chronoroids can teleport to and from anywhere in the universe.
  • Time Travel: Chronoroids have a time travel device planted inside their bodies.
  • Oxygen Independence: As they are mechanical beings Chronoroids do not need air to survive.


Chronoroid forms are called "modes." It is accessed by inserting a device called a Chronomemory into the available slot in the belt.

Base Mode

This base mode gives the Chronoroid enough strength, defense and agility while fighting.

Gunhand Mode

Using this mode a Chronoroid can shoot death rays using its bare hand. The ray's reach and target can be modifiable.