Chronoroids are mechanical troopers of the intergalactic division of the Techkur Police. Most of them are aliens from many parts of the universe which became cyborgs.


It was the future and the planet Techkur is searching for more technology from outer space. So they dispatched a spaceship to explore planets, and the spaceship crew found Earth: there they found neglected, but still working, Lost and Double drivers together with the Gaia Memories.

So they returned to Techkur with the technology and tried the drivers, and it worked. They decided to use it for the intergalactic forces.

More history coming soon

Anatomy and Paraphernalia

Chronoroids are mechanical beings. Inside their sleek armor-suit are many mechanical components.

Their whole armor-suit is made using "Chronometal", one of the strongest metals in the universe.

Common Powers and Abilities

Powers are different in each form, but all of them share these powers:

  • Teleportation: Chronoroids can teleport to and from anywhere in the universe.
  • Time Travel: Chronoroids have a time travel device planted inside their bodies.
  • Oxygen Independence: As they are mechanical beings Chronoroids do not need air to survive.


Chronoroid forms are called "modes." It is accessed by inserting a device called a Chronomemory into the available slot in the belt.

Base Mode

This base mode gives the Chronoroid enough strength, defense and agility while fighting.

Gunhand Mode

Using this mode a Chronoroid can shoot death rays using its bare hand. The ray's reach and target can be modifiable.

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