Edward Graves is the Copperhead Plasmid


Edward Graves was the former President of the United States.

He was one of the politicians who signed the document that gave the Pra'meths complete control over the planet for weapons testing. The reason it was such a simple decision for him was because he secretly hated his job as President, only wanting the money from taxpayers and interest groups as well as a cowardly desire to survive. After the Final Resistance, Rizcott punished him for allowing soldiers to defy his orders by reformatting both him and his son into Plasmids and brainwashing them into his loyal assassins.


Edward's body has been reconfigured to be elastic by nano-surgically replacing his bones with a ferrofluidic collapsible alloy and genetically altering his muscle and organ tissues.
He primarily uses this ability to bind his enemies or try to suffocate them.
He is also armed with electrified fangs that shock the target upon biting them.

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