Daikaiju Sentai Gojiranger vs. Kamen Rider Digi: The Great Kaiju/Digimon War! is a crossover film that teams up the characters from Daikaiju Sentai Gojiranger and Kamen Rider Digi, both series created by Joejira.


When the Digimon Emperor brings infected Digimon to the real world, one attacks the Gojirangers when they meet the Digi Riders. Both teams try to work together but something is wrong with Hideo (Godzilla Ranger) and Taichi and Agumon. Will these two leaders set their anger aside before the Emperor tries to create a Kaiju Digimon?


Daikaiju Sentai Gojiranger

  • Hideo Honda/Gojira Ranger
  • Yuki/Mosura Ranger
  • Shou Serizawa/Radon Ranger
  • Chusuke Ifukube/Angirasu Ranger
  • Nami Azumi/Shisa Ranger
  • Ayaka Kochi/Gorosaurusu Ranger
  • Mizu/Manda Ranger
  • Steve Tayler/Jira Ranger

The "Digi" Riders

  • Taichi Kamiya & Agumon/Kamen Rider Agu
  • Yamato Ishida & Gabumon/Kamen Rider Gabu
  • Sora Takenouchi & Biyomon/Kamen Rider Biyo
  • Mimi Tachikawa & Palmon/Kamen Rider Pal
  • Koushiro Izumi & Tentomon/Kamen Rider Tento
  • Joe Kido & Gomamon/Kamen Rider Goma
  • Takeru Takaishi & Patamon/Kamen Rider Pata
  • Kari Kamiya & Gatomon/Kamen Rider Gato

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