Danielle Cranston
Mesozoic Blue Ranger
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: {{{birth}}}
Age: 15
Season: Power Rangers: Mesozoic Giants
Colors: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Mesozoic Mission, Part 2
Last Appearance: Diving Deep
Number of Episode
Mesozoic Blue Ranger
Mesozoic Crimson Ranger

Danielle Cranston was the original Mesozoic Blue Ranger, later Crimson, and now deceased.


Danielle was the youngest of her teammates, created with DNA stolen from Billy Cranston and Kat Hilliard and given false memories of being their daughter. She was shy, growing up in their shadow, which she only began to shake off among her teammates. She helped in the mission to retrieve their morphers during the Mirror Morpher crisis. Probably because she was an Akra Host herself, the wave that wiped out the town's Akra made her physically ill.

Danielle, Kayla and Finneus began repairing the morphers under the noses of their monster captors, Danielle taking on more of the work as Kayla fell ill. She essentially led the mission to rescue Tawny and take down Mama D. She took over the bridge, beginning the self-destruct sequence and setting up the teleporter for their escape. However, the teleporter was shot several times, though, causing the unpleasant death of Polypton, removing Dwayne's left hand, and leaving Danielle trapped in the sinking craft. She ruptured the hull with three calculated shots, drowning everyone inside.


As a Host, Danielle was mild-mannered, brilliant and very shy. When her Akra was neutralized, she remained a quiet person, but gained a strong sarcastic streak.


  • Kronoaxe
  • Kronozord

  • Carnodaggers
  • Carnozord


Danielle is small, with shoulder-length black hair and blue eyes, usually wearing glasses although she doesn't need them.


  • Although no one ever noticed, while Danielle was under Akra control, her pupils were slitted like a cat's.

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