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This article is about a/an villain type in Power Rangers: Aztec Storm.
Dark Stars
Gender: None
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Season: Power Rangers: Aztec Storm
Type: Foot Soldiers
Homeworld: The Black Hole
First Appearance: Those are Demons, Right?
Last Appearance: That Idea of Yours
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Dark Stars are the foot soldiers of Itzpapalotl.


Dark Stars are created from beams of starlight by Itzpapalotl when she requires them. They have purple, white-speckled bodies and black stars where their faces should be. Lacking mouths, they are incapable of speech, and only alive in the most literal sense, not possessing free will. They are immune to ordinary bullets, but anything energized by the Teotl, even their temples, can wipe them out. When destroyed, Dark Stars dissipate in bursts of black ash.