Power Rangers Dino Charge
Varuda a galactic hunter and brother to Mesogog has one sole purpose is to revive his brother with enough Gem power to revive him by searching for five Gems the Five Energems of a Tyranno Parasaur Stego Raptor and a Triceratops he will go to any length to get what he wants even to destroy the Earth to get them and the Rangers must stop him at any cost to defend the Earth it is up to the Power Rangers Blitz and Dino Charge ranger teams to combat this new threat to Earth with the help of Ivan and Blitz X1
Power Rangers Blitz

Dino Charge Rangers

Dino Charge Red - Tyler Navarro

Dino Charge Black - Chase Randall

Dino Charge Blue - Koda

Dino Charge Green - Riley Griffin

Dino Charge Pink - Shelby Watkins


Dino Charge Gold - Sir Ivan of Zandar

Blitz Rangers

Red Blitz Ranger - Derek McKnight

Black Blitz Ranger - River Morris

Blue Blitz Ranger - Alec Carver

Yellow Blitz Ranger - Hope Kwan

Pink Blitz Ranger - Penelope Grayson

Blitz X1 - Terry

Rangers used in Team Up

Dino Charge Red Dino Charge Black Dino Charge Blue Dino Charge Green Dino Charge Pink and Gold

Red Blitz Black Blitz Blue Blitz Yellow Blitz Pink Blitz and Blitz X1

Lightning Rangers Debut

Power Rangers Lightning

a villain walks off and finds a town to destroy and later finds himself some trouble with the Power Rangers Lightning

Red Lightning Ranger

Black Lightning Ranger

Blue Lightning Ranger

White Lightning Ranger

Pink Lightning Ranger

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