Dwayne Taylor
Mesozoic Crimson Ranger
Gender: Male
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Season: Power Rangers: Mesozoic Giants
Colors: Crimson
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
Last Appearance: Close of the Mesozoic Era
Number of Episode
Mesozoic Crimson Ranger

Dwayne Taylor is the former Mesozoic Crimson Ranger.


Dwayne was cloned from DNA stolen from Mighty Morphin' Black Ranger Zack Taylor, and a Caucasian woman the Akra also kidnapped, identified on his open file only as "RC." According to his false past, he was left on the doorsteps of Northside Orphanage as a baby and raised there, where he had a surprisingly good life, making many friends. His Mesomorpher almost literally fell into his lap, having fallen from Mama D's flying subcraft, and he used it at once. The fact that it was broken and using it knocked him unconscious didn't phase him, and it was soon repaired. He was accepted quickly by his teammates.

The revelation of his actual past seemed to bother Dwayne less than some of his teammates, but he reacted that way to nearly everything that happened afterwards, being the one to suggest they surrender along with the city's civilians and hide until they were ready to fight. Regardless, he was one of the three assigned to rescue Tawny and sink Mama D (quite literally) when several of the morphers were repaired. He and Tori walked directly into a swarm of Selachiitrons, retreating to the bridge where Danielle teleported them out. However, he grabbed a Selachiitron at the last second, and the teleporting device was shot, resulting in his left hand being splinched clean off.

Dwayne rejoined the fight soon, adjusting to the loss of his hand stoically. He fought in most of the battles afterwards, and took up residence in Mesozoic Manor when the war was won.


As an Akra Extra, Dwayne was overeager, determined and passionate. His shift afterwards was the most dramatic, becoming stoic, reserved and even somewhat lazy. Either way, he is uncannily good at figuring people out.


  • Carnodaggers
  • Carnozord
  • Dragon Mode


Dwayne is a lighter-skinned African American-Caucasian mix, dark-haired and red-eyed. The latter is because his creator was bored and decided to make him more "interesting" by giving him an unnatural and creepy eye color.

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