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Elizabeth Sanchez is a Time Force officer and ally of the Hourglass Rangers.


Little is known of Sanchez's life before Time Force, other than that she developed a taste for 20th-21st-century Earth culture.  As a new recruit, she was teamed up with Lawrence Harvey and Jacob Nicholson.  The trio got along well, Sanchez helping them understand the time periods they often entered (though she was duly teased).  Their first serious mission, rescuing the future Captain Mitchell and Dana from their car crash, resulted in Sanchez being injured.  Regardless, all three were promoted to Corporals after returning.

In the Akra crisis, Sanchez had to fight to be allowed involvement, being a fairly attractive human female and thus a likely target.  She and her friends soon became outlaws after the Akra infiltrated Time Force; the trio wandered through time, retrieving any Akra neutralized by the few rogue Hourglass Rangers.


Sanchez is nerdy and not ashamed of it.  She's dry and somewhat vengeful.

Talents and Abilities

Sanchez has Time Force training, and is therefore a decent hand-to-hand fighter, pilot, and time traveler.  Her knowledge of late-20th to early-21st century Earth culture helps her to blend in with those time periods, as well as communicate effectively with people from then.  Her fangirlish studies of the Power Rangers are particularly useful.


Elizabeth is short and of Hispanic descent, with dark hair and eyes.

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