Eltar is Zordon's home planet, and the source of several Ranger teams' connection to the Morphing Grid.


Eltar is a green planet overshadowed by clouds.  Its appearance from space hides the fact that much of its surface is covered in highly advanced cities.


Eltar was the most powerful planet in the galaxy for millennia, center of the Universal Morphing Grid and a highly advanced civilization.  However, when the United Alliance of Evil attacked in force, it was unprepared for the year-long war that followed.  Zordon and Alpha 5 returned to fight, and even commissioned Dimitria to build a set of robotic Turbo Rangers to help, but the planet was still conquered and Zordon captured.

After thousands of years of envy and resentment, the monsters ran rampant on Eltar, particularly targeting members of Zordon's extensive family.  There were a few scattered resistance movements, one led by Robot Cassie, but by the end of 1998, they had all been stamped out.  The Z-Wave destroyed the monsters, but did not repair the damage they had done.  Still, the Eltarians were able to rebuild, and as early as 2005, the planet was even more magnificent than it had been before the war.

By 2125, Eltar was the base of the Galactic Council, which managed S.P.D.

Significant Residents

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