Gender: Female/None
Date of Birth: ????
Age: ????
Season: Euro Sentai Beatranger
Type: Crystallite
Homeworld: ????
First Appearance: ##
Last Appearance: ##
Number of Episode

"How interesting..."

Emeralda (エメラルダ Emeraruda) is a Crystallite scientist and one of the major villains of Euro Sentai Beatranger. It is often her that tunes resonances, creates Resonators, and grows the Mineralites.


Phasing Incident

Some time before the beginning of the series, Emeralda was part of an expedition to study the uninhabited region of her homeworld. Her craft was struck with a powerful bolt of energy before crashng. When she, her servant, and a stowaway emerged from the wreckage, they found themselves in terrain that contradicted the data Emeralds had collected on the uninhabited lands. The found elements that they had never seen before, as well as beings that looked very different from Mineralites. What they also found was resonance that, to them, was very warped. Emeralda returned to the wrecked craft in order to study the resonance, as well as the effects of their world's resonances on the non-Cyrstallite beings.

Appearance of Beatranger

(to be added)


Emeralda is intelligent and very knowledgeable in the sciences of her homeworld. She is also uncannily resourceful. She typically has a calm demeanor, and rarely becomes visibly angry, though ruining her experiments or studies will set her off quickly. She is generally dismissive of most things and people in the face of scientific advancement, even the idea of returning to her homeworld.


While Emeralda doesn't have any otherworldly powers, she is very skilled in the arts of observation and persuasion in addition to her scientific knowledge.


(to be added)

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