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train come.unkown rider
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first episode for kamen rider VX

Train come.unkown rider

magical creature crash to earth that crashed in Malang,Indonesia boy aged 15 find VX driver in school and he find unkown base called VX liner in unused locker later Raihan anantya founder VX driver ask his best friends Gary to making space club the clubhouse is in VX liner ,kito amanegakure with his sister sakura amenagakure join that club later soccer player named adit and his friend andi join that club wizard fleet move to earth for invading earth combatant called war wizard attack space school Raihan come to rescue student kito come and morph to be VX slasher later Raihan Morph like Kito but he is not VX slasher he is VX gunner and defeat war wizard after it they come to VX liner


Raihan anantya/VX gunner

kito amanegakure/VX slasher


Sakura amenagakure