Eric Myers
Quantum Ranger
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Earth
Affiliations: Silver Guardians, Hexagon
Team: Time Force Rangers
Color: Red
Quantum Ranger
Eric Myers was the Quantum Ranger of the Time Force Rangers in 2001. He also served under the Hexagon, but left before its demise.


Eric's involvement with the Time Force Rangers and the Silver Guardians is documented in Power Rangers canon. In 2002, he met and assisted the Wild Force Rangers, and he was also involved in the all-Red defeat of the Serpentera prototype. Later that year, the Hexagon launched, and he and Wes Collins were part of it. The two were quite optimistic about the idea of many Rangers working together.

In early 2003, Eric began a romantic relationship with Taylor Earhardt. Their relationship had a great impact on the balance of power between the Hexagon's Rangers and the anti-Hexagon Rangers. In 2004 they were married and had a daughter, Alexis.

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