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This article is about a/an location in Power Rangers: Aztec Storm.
Ernie's is a popular hangout and youth center in San Orlando, run by Ernie.


The building used to be a youth center in the 1980's, but it was damaged in an electrical fire and abandoned. In 1998, Ernie decided to renovate it and turn it into a Juice Bar-esque hangout for local youth. It worked beautifully, and by 2000, was one of the most popular local hangouts in town. Around this time Ernie hired Tammy Mistic to help, and though she was a great help, it led to the youth center's invasion by her parents' old gang.


Like the original Juice Bar, Ernie's has an open main room for events, and a partitioned counter and dining area. It has a set of lockers, and a back hall leading to Ernie's office. It is very colorful, the main room being mostly harvest gold.

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