Euro Sentai Beatranger (ユーロ戦隊ビートレンジャー Yūro Sentai Bītorenjā) is a Super Sentai series based on a genre of music known as Eurobeat. Development was started in 2016 by XAedriane, with writing beginning mid-2017.


In remote areas of Japan, strange music had been heard at odd times. Strange incidents involving the residents of said areas have been reported in conjunction with the strange music. Not long after these reports, the same thing began happening in more populated areas. While the music itself wasn't seen as a problem, the growing number of incidents was. Once a connection was found between the music and the incidents, a task force was formed to control the incidents and keep people safe from the effects of the music.

During a mission, a medic from the task force stumbled upon the source of the music - a strange device guarded by what looked like a person made of crystal. She, as well as the communication technician guiding her were able to get some data on the device, though it was nearly at the cost of the medic's life. Some time after the mission, the medic, Kanae, and the technician, Kai, were recruited alongside three others to become part of a super-powered group to challenge the beings creating the harmful music. That group was to be known as Euro Sentai Beatranger.



Designation Name
Red Beat Kai Sonomura
Blue Beat Asami Hayashi
Green Beat Miwa Komatsu
Yellow Beat Kanae Fujiyama
Pink Beat Mariko Itsumi
Black Beat Chinami Takahara
White Beat Koji Komatsu
Purple Beat Kazumi Kaneda





  • Beat Tuner - A device resembling a small digital music player. Mostly white, but trimmed with sparkling plastic in the color of the ranger that possesses it. Used to transform into Beatrangers.
  • Beat Boomers - A pair of headphones that enhances the strength of crystal resonance, allowing the Beatrangers to turn into Beat Fighters. They are black and trimmed with the same sparkling plastic as the Beat Tuners.


  • Cross Beat Blaster - A blaster resembling a small crossbow. Can be folded to become a Cross Beat Baton.
  • Cross Beat Baton - A weapon used like a police baton. Unfolds to become a Cross Beat Blaster.

Individual Weapons

  • Euro Slicer - A thin-bladed short sword.
  • Euro Breaker - A five-and-a-half foot staff.
  • Euro Strikers - A pair of flail-like weapons extending from the hands.
  • Euro Drivers - A pair of plated gloves designed for fist fighting.
  • Euro Stingers - A set of black, metal throwing knives.
  • Euro Scorer - A large ball-like weapon.


  • Beat Fighters
    • Beat Burner
    • Beat Lover
    • Beat Shadow
    • Beat Dancer
    • Beat Racer


The episodes in this Sentai season are called "Tracks" (トラック torakku).

  1. Track 01: Emergency Response! (緊急対応! Kinkyū taiō!)
  2. Track 02: Unfinished Team (未完成のチーム Mikansei no chīmu)
  3. Track 03: The Fifth Racer (第五のレーサー Dai go no rēsā)
  4. Track 04: Solitary Shadow (孤独な影 Kodokuna kage)
  5. Track 05: Dancing Star (ダンススター Dansusutā)
  6. Track 06: Solid State (固体の状態 Kotai no jōtai)
  7. Track 07: Difficult Rest (困難な休息 konnanna kyūsoku)
  8. Track 08: Quiet Anger (静かな怒り Shizukana ikari)
  9. Track 09: A Growing Problem (成長する問題 Seichō suru mondai)
  10. Track 10: A Growing Solution (成長する溶液 Seichō suru yōeki)
  11. Track 11: Racing Ahead (前方レース Zenpō rēsu)
  12. Track 12: Flickering Flames (ちらつき炎 Chiratsuki-en)
  13. Track 13: Changing Love (愛を変える Ai o kaeru)
  14. Track 14: Resolving Heart (心を解決する Kokoro o kaiketsu suru)
  15. Track 15: A Strange Rescue (奇妙な救助 Kimyōna kyūjo)
  16. Track 16: Beating Hearts (心臓の鼓動 Shinzō no kodō)
  17. Track 17: Serious Riddles (深刻な謎 Shinkokuna nazo)
  18. Track 18: Brother's Mystery (兄弟の謎 Kyōdai no nazo)
  19. Track 19: Overheating Heroes (過熱のヒーロー Kanetsu no hīrō)
  20. Track 20: Diminutive Aria (小さなアリア Chīsana aria)
  21. Track 21: Deafening Silence (聞こえない沈黙 Kikoenai chinmoku)
  22. Track 22: Cutting Crystal (クリスタルを切る Kurisutaru o kiru)
  23. Track 23: Dueling Shield (結束シールド Kessoku shīrudo)
  24. Track 24: Breathtaking Blasts (息を飲む爆発 Iki o nomu bakuhatsu)
  25. Track 25: Imminent Shutdown (差し迫ったシャットダウン Sashisematta shattodaun)
  26. (more to be added)


Episode #5 was originally going to be called "Dance for Me".

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