Finneus, formerly known as Finster, is the mentor of the Mesozoic Giant Rangers.


Finster was born on the planet Claydoious, and probably studied technology and monster-building in his youth. At some point, he joined the forces of Rita Repulsa, becoming her monster-maker and technical advisor. He created many monsters, several of which conquered worlds for the witch, and watched as each one was destroyed by the Power Rangers. Rita and Zedd retained Finster through their marriage, and he remained behind the scenes during the Alliance of Evil. When the Z-Wave came, it transformed him into a human.

Finsteer, now calling himself Finneus, was picked up and taken to Aquitar. He decided that the best way to repay the universe for his creations' deeds was to make a team of Power Rangers and help liberate and restore the planets he had helped destroy. He returned to the Moon Palace to work, where he was kidnapped by the Akra Queen. She helped him finish his morphers, and telepathically programmed him to believe that he was mentoring the children of the Rangers he had once fought.

In Northside, Finneus led his Rangers well. He was the one least affected by the telepathic blast the Rangers created, and began rebuilding the broken morphers as Mama D and her pirates took over. Already used to working quietly as his monstrous overlords blustered, Finneus handled the period of quasi-slavery well, although he did fall ill towards the end. After the city's liberation, Finneus continued shepherding his team of clones.


Finneus and Finster were both mild-mannered and brilliant, becoming passive-aggressive rather than angry and channeling his feelings through his creations.

Talents and Abilities

Finster was creative and a brilliant monster-maker, working efficiently to put out a new creature every few days to face the Rangers. As Finneus, his genius was turned more towards helping his Rangers defeat new, creative monsters, using technology. His experience as a villain helped him understand the evil psyche and come up with ways to think outside the box.

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