Hayley Ziktor
Black Dino Ranger
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Earth
Affiliations: Hexagon
Team: Dino Thunder Rangers
Color: Black
Black Dino Ranger
Hayley Ziktor was Dino Thunder Black of the Dino Thunder Rangers in 2004. However, she was best known for creating the arsenal of the Dino Thunder Rangers under the Hexagon.


Hayley first met and befriended Tommy in college in 1999. Tommy had been inspired to gather and repair the Power Coins, and he requested her help. With some effort, she was indeed able to repair the Coins and teach Tommy some of the basics of working with the Power.

In 2001, when Tommy and Anton Mercer discovered the Dino Gems, he again asked for Hayley's help in creating morphers for them. Once the Hexagon launched in 2002, she was able to be paid for this work. While she fully supported the Hexagon's cause, she was sad that moving to the Hexagon campus and working full-time there would keep her from her dream of starting her own business.

When Mercer's lab was attacked, only the white and black Gems were stolen, because the other three were with Hayley. They were put to use in 2004 when Mesogog attacked Reefside. Tommy wanted to go to Reefside to choose and mentor new Rangers himself, but the Hexagon's board of directors forbade it. Instead, they assigned T.J. to choose three local teens based on high school records, and sent Hayley to Reefside to mentor them. The teens chosen were Connor, Ethan and Kira; they were excused from school indefinitely. The fledgling team set up shop in the basement of a building the Hexagon bought for them, but soon found that they were mostly cut off from Hexagon resources, as Mesogog's forces would attack en route delivery trucks and even Joel's helicopter.

In the ensuing season of war, Hayley bonded to the black Dino Gem, and Trent to the white Gem. Trent struggled with the evil influence of the Gem for some time, making him a high-priority threat in the eyes of the Hexagon. However, he was turned good again and joined the team. They fought Mesogog beyond the fall of the Hexagon until late in 2005, when he was finally defeated. The Dino Gems were completely depleted in the process.

After this, Hayley remained in Reefside permanently, having grown close to the Dino Rangers and their families.

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