Paul Sullivan aka Igadevil is a tokusatsu fan and reviewer/podcaster.

He is considered by most fans to be a resourceful insider on tokusatsu related media, particularly the works of Shotaro Ishinomori such as Kamen Rider.

Living in Nishinomiya, Japan, Paul has access to information on tokusatsu that most western fans would not know about or cannot obtain such as owning draft scripts of Kamen Rider V3 episodes, a biography manga that details how Kamen Rider became a TV series and more.


Igadevil is a calm, open minded individual with an optimistic personality. He sometimes defends certain things that more obsessive and irate fans nitpick or rage about in a certain series (or just a series in general), while sometimes admitting the flaws in execution for some. Regardless, he tries his best to find the good points in them, sometimes explaining what went on behind the scenes that caused the problems based on info he gathers or just speculation. (Ex. KR Fourze, KR Decade) Rider Break

Rider Break is a podcast where Igadevil talks about the Kamen Rider franchise in various ways such as his thoughts on recent films, TV series and just general discussions and musings.

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