Isabel Jackson
Isabel Lone
Chartreuse Coyote Ranger
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: March 5, 1988
Age: 17
Season: Power Rangers: Rumor Legion
Colors: Chartreuse
Homeworld: Earth
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Last Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
Number of Episode
Chartreuse Coyote Ranger
11890570 1048141741865084 212440972 o

Isabel Jackson is the Chartreuse Rumor Ranger, chosen by Coyote.


Isabel was born in Oregon to the Jackson family, just after her father lost his job. He soon after found work in a local circus, and Isabel grew up there. They obtained tickets for Terra Venture, and the entire family survived to reach the new world, where they continued the family business. Isabel herself joined up at age ten as a contortionist, performing for the first time when she turned twelve.

On the day Pandora's Box opened, Isabel was with her family at french restaurant when a green light struck her from behind. Feeling ill, she headed for the restrooms only to bump into Jean-Paul, who flirted with her without success. She was shortly thereafter tracked down by Kendrix who told her she needed to come with the former Ranger.


Isabel is the sane woman of the team, acting on common sense and often getting irritated at her teammates' antics and (to her) petty squabbles. She's snarky, but sometimes hides behind her sarcasm when exposed to deep emotions, especially intimate ones.


  • Rumor Blade
    • Bow Mode
  • Spirit Speeder
  • Geronizord


Isabel is of Navajo heritage, with long black hair, green eyes, and olive skin. As a contortionist, she has a slim but muscular body, and is highly flexible.


  • Isabel was the first member of the team to be created, being part of the original challenge off of which Rumor Legion is based.  Her birthday is the date the author "called" her on the forum.
  • Originally, Isabel had an acerbic, alpha dog personality, but in writing the fic turned out to have too many of those, so as the member with the most flexible past and future (pun unintended), she was changed, first to a quiet, empathetic person with a tendency towards grudges, and then a snarky source of common sense.

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