James Rath
Blue Luna Ranger
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: February 3, 1992
Age: 19
Season: Power Rangers: Stellar Corps
Power Rangers: Legion of Monsters
Colors: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Dark of the Moon
Last Appearance: Race Against Time
Number of Episode
Blue Luna Ranger

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James Rath is the Blue Luna Ranger, and the brains of Stellar Corps. His Power Ring gives him telepathy.


A child genius, James was pushed by his parents to go to college at age 4, but James insisted on going to Pre-K. Naturally, his parents ignored him and shipped him off. Brokenhearted, James didn't go to any of his classes, getting himself expelled. After hearing this, his parents disowned him, and sent him to Area 51—because of his gifts, the government allowed them to do this through legal loopholes. There, James learned how to hack into computers, gather spy info for the US.

\Due to his position, James was the first to find out that Stellar Corps was recruiting Rangers, and thus sent in his application early. He also hacked into their files, learning everything about them, before being accepted as the Blue Ranger.

As Blue Ranger, James’s job became telepathically destroying the images of Weeping Angels that got into their victims’ eyes. He tweaked that into reading and collecting memories as video data. As the team’s technological genius, he led the team through several important breakthroughs, such as the realization that the Monster Rangers were humans believed to be dead and where the Hexagram was. In the final battle, one of his viruses deactivated the Hexagram, enabling the Rangers’ victory.

Retiring from Ranger duties, James returned to Area 51.


James is wry, dry and sarcastic, often indifferent, and tries to avoid extraneous human contact whenever possible.? He respects skills, especially when they rival or equal his own, but people irritate him.


  • Silver Power Ring
  • Lunar Nunchuks
  • Dolphin Zord
  • Typhoon Zord


James is a Hispanic teen who looks Caucasian, with black hair and blue-green eyes.


  • James's hacker name is “Tlaos.”
  • He is right-handed.

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