Jean-Paul Girard
Pearl Rumor Ranger
Gender: Male
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Age: 19
Season: Power Rangers: Rumor Legion
Colors: Pearl
Homeworld: Earth
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Pearl Rumor Ranger

Jean-Paul Girard is the Pearl Rumor Ranger, selected by Wong Fei-Hung.


Jean-Paul immigrated from France directly to Terra Venture. He was trained as a chef.

On the day Pandora's Box opened, Jean-Paul was working in a french restaurant, frustrated at having to make food for "filthy carnies" when he was struck by a white light. Disoriented by the experience, he excused himself to the restrooms where he bumped into Isabel and, ignorant that she was one of the "carnies", flirted with her unsuccessfully. He was shortly thereafter tracked down by Kai, who needed him to come with him immediately for the sake of the colony.


Jean-Paul's a bit of a snob. He finds fighting distasteful, and only does so because life under the rule of monsters would be too much of an obstacle to the lifestyle he enjoys. He's trained as a chef, and he's a perfectionist. He does not like using his hands in a fight because a chef relies on his hands for his livelihood, and thus should not risk damaging them. Friendship doesn't come easy to him, both because he can be a complete dismissive jerk and because he has trouble relating to others who don't share his desire to make everything perfect. Ironically, prefers Chinese food to French cuisine (snails are disgusting). Loves flirting with women, which can get him in trouble if he starts trying to get a new girlfriend before cutting ties with the old one.


  • Rumor Blade
    • Needle Mode
  • Spirit Speeder
  • Shinobizord


Jean-Paul is a Caucasian brunet.

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