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This article is about a/an civilian in Power Rangers Cyber V.
Template:AlliesJune DuBois is Jeremy Simms' ex-girlfriend.


June grew up in the city of Horizon, and was a friend of Jeremy's for years. They became sweethearts early on and remaining so through high school. A family emergency (her aunt's illness) forced her to move to Alabama late in 2124, necessitating the end of the relationship. Her aunt died some time later, though her care had been very expensive.

In the wake of the Hybrid revelation, June contacted Jeremy and they began reconnecting. She informed him that the crisis had passed and that she was coming back to town for a while.

June arrived during the battles with the Master of Weapons, reigniting her romance with Jeremy. Shortly thereafter, Jeremy discovered that she was recording everything he said in order to write a tell-all book. Furious that she hadn't been honest with him, and realizing that he was falling in love with Cindy, Jeremy broke up with June.

June proceeded to send Cyber V a few copies of her expose: "Sex, Lies and Cyber V," the combined first two elements being the main content of the book. However, when confronted by Jeremy, she told him that it was a fake, made to get his attention. She still loved him, but having recognized he'd found someone else (realizing who didn't take long) in that very first call, didn't want to burden him further when he was already saving the world. Hence the covert recording. He softened, saying that though his feelings had changed, they would never leave.

When the inevitable call to battle came, June insisted on accompanying Jeremy as a friend, saying he needed all of his friends with him. Very reluctantly, Jeremy brought her, leaving her with his Cyber Cycle as he went to confront RedLine. When the monster was about to freeze him in place, she leaped in the way, taking the blast for Jeremy. After being unfrozen, she led the civilians to safety before the mega monster battle.

Afterwards, the entire team contributed to June's book. When Jeremy helped her bring a few boxes to Fort Myers, she told him to just go to Cindy, that she was good for him.

Later, June was contacted by a movie producer in Silver Hills who wanted to adapt her book into a film. She had to leave town for the negotiations.

Over a Skype conversation, June asked Jeremy about his plans for after Kalask's defeat, encouraging him to think about it. This ultimately led him to propose to Cindy.


June is ambitious and secretive, covering it with a facade of niceness, but she has a strong unselfish streak, which comes through most strongly in her relationship with Jeremy (not wanting to burden him with a love triangle or breakup during his battles, letting him and Cindy be together because it would be good for him).


June is a stunning redhead.

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