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This article is about a/an location in Power Rangers Cyber V.

Jungle Karma Pizza is a jungle-themed pizzeria, originally the workplace and base of the Jungle Fury Rangers.


The original was a single-floor pizza parlor, owned by RJ, with the Rangers' headquarters and living area on the second story. This headquarters lacks a Zord Bay, as Animal Spirits are manifested directly from Ranger energy fused with Solar Morpher technology. A garage is located somewhere in the building and houses the Strike Cycle. Tunnels on the top floor take the Rangers outside the building without having to go through the front door.

Another JKP appeared in Corinth City in Universe Gamma, briefly, but the direct parallel is located in Five Hills, North Carolina, as that is the parlor Casey's counterpart works.

Jungle Karma Pizza remained all the way into the 22nd century, where it was the former workplace of Cyber Green Ranger Walter Jenkins.

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