A villain known as the Rider Hunter who has been hunting the Kamen Riders for some time now and joins forces with Count Dregon and Emperor Mavro to destroy the Planet Earth for some time now or conquer it and the rangers known as Megaforce and Masked Rider Prince Dax little do the villains know that a war is coming between Kamen Riders and Power Rangers can the Rangers and Riders work together long enough to figure out what they are planning it is the Kamen Rider Ranger War and a new villain joins the fight named Killamoth

The Riders

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - Kit Taylor

Kamen Rider Wing Knight - Len

Kamen Rider Axe - Hunt

Kamen Rider Camo - Van

Kamen Rider Siren - Kase

Kamen Rider Wrath - Nolan

Kamen Rider Spear - Chase

Kamen Rider Thrust - Cameron

Kamen Rider Strike - Pryce

Kamen Rider Sting - Quinn

Kamen Rider Onyx - Adam

Kamen Rider Advent Master - Master Eubulon

Megaforce Rangers

Megaforce/SuperMegaforce Red - Troy Burrows

Megaforce/Super Megaforce Black/Green - Jake Holling

Megaforce/Super Megaforce Blue - Noah Carver

Megaforce/Super Megaforce Yellow - Gia Moran

Megaforce/Super Megaforce Pink - Emma Goodall

Robo Knight

Super Megaforce Silver - Orion

Dino Charge Rangers

Dino Charge Red - Tyler Navarro

Dino Charge Black - Chase Randall

Dino Charge Blue - Koda

Dino Charge Green - Riley Griffin

Dino Charge Pink - Shelby Watkins

Dino Charge Gold - Sir Ivan of Zandar

Dino Charge Aqua - James Navaro

Dino Charge Graphite - Prince Phillip the 3rd

Dino Charge Purple - Kendall Morgan

Dino Charge Silver - Zenowing

Villain Rangers

Psycho Ranger Red

Psycho Ranger Black

Psycho Ranger Blue

Psycho Ranger Yellow

Psycho Ranger Pink

Psycho Ranger Green

Psycho Ranger Silver

Psycho Ranger Purple

Psycho Ranger Grey

Psycho Ranger Aqua

Team Ups

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce

Power Rangers Dino Charge/Dino Supercharge

Rider Ranger Roll Call

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Kamen Rider Wing Knight

Kamen Rider Axe

Kamen Rider Camo

Kamen Rider Siren

Kamen Rider Wrath

Kamen Rider Spear

Kamen Rider Thrust

Kamen Rider Strike

Kamen Rider Sting

Kamen Rider Onyx

Advent Master

Fury of the Dragon Megaforce Red

Venom of the Snake Megaforce Black

Bite of the Shark Megaforce Blue

Claw of the Tiger Megaforce Yellow

Flames of the Phoenix Megaforce Pink

Tyrannosaurus Rex Power Ranger Red

Parasaur Power Ranger Black

Stegosaurus Power Ranger Blue

Velociraptor Power Ranger Green

Triceratops Power Ranger Pink

Pterodactyl Power Ranger Gold

Ankylosaurus Power Ranger Aqua

Pachycephalosaurus Power Ranger Graphite

Plesiosaurus Power Ranger Purple

Titanosaurus Power Ranger Silver

Other Rangers

Jungle Fury Red Ranger

Jungle Fury Blue Ranger

Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger

Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger

Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger

Jungle Fury Shark Ranger

Jungle Fury Bat Ranger

Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger

R.P.M Eagle Ranger

R.P.M Lion Ranger

R.P.M Bear Ranger

R.P.M Shark Ranger

R.P.M Wolf Ranger

R.P.M Tiger Ranger

R.P.M Falcon Ranger

Mammoth R.P.M Ranger

T-Rex R.P.M Ranger

Triceratops R.P.M Ranger

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