Stellar Cyan
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Xybria
Affiliations: None
Team: Starstrike Rangers
Color: Cyan
Stellar Cyan
Kiyr is a Xybrian immigrant to Earth, and Stellar Cyan of the Starstrike Rangers.

His appearance is humanoid, rather short and slender (from a human perspective), with cyan hair. His telepathic powers consist of voluntary and involuntary mind-reading. Unlike Trip (the only Xybrian from canon), he is not clairvoyant.


Born in 1995 to a wealthy family, Kiyr was provided the resources to excel in scholarship and guide his own path of study. As a teenager, he began to focus his education on Ranger history across planets. Attracted to Earth's unique Ranger history, he moved there in 2012 for about one Earth year, as part of a Xybrian educational exchange program that didn’t usually involve Earth. He lived with Adam Park during this time. During his stay, despite glowing support from Earth governments, he encountered extreme prejudice from strangers, primarily because they were nervous about his telepathy. He soon chose to wear a grey bandanna to cover his gem and hair most of the time.

Kiyr continued his Ranger research into adulthood, travelling to other planets including KO-35 and Eltar. In late 2014 he sought and gained official Earth citizenship and moved there more permanently. This time he lived with Brian, a former Hexagon technician he had met earlier. The two became involved in Earth’s interplanetary relations.

In 2019, following the attack on KO-82, Kiyr and Brian made the Starstrike powers.


Kiyr has been described as "fussy" by those who know him. On Xybria, the abundance of telepathic powers means that everyone's thoughts are well known; on Earth, Kiyr worries about people misunderstanding him because they don't know his motives or feelings, so he speaks quickly to catch up. He also does not hesitate to express his preferences, regardless of who he is speaking to. This often comes across as rude to humans, who have entire systems of etiquette that hide one's true wants and needs. His high-bandwidth communication comes in handy, however, when he works as an academic and as a technician.

Note on pronunciation

I intend the y in Kiyr's name to be pronounced roughly as it is in Finnish. Y is also used for this sound in IPA. I intend the two vowels to be kept separate, so something like kee'-ur (though it turns out that in Finnish iy is a diphthong).

Note that I am not a linguist and I don't really know what I've gotten myself into with this. I'd had the idea to make a name that would be glossed in English as a single-syllable English word (in this case, cure), with the assumption being that Trip was also an approximation of a Xybrian name (perhaps Trypp).