Template:AllyInfoKono Dolom is an Underfolk, and the ally and mentor of Mizu.


Kono Dolom was born in the royal family’s household, and raised as a servant. He happened to be carrying baggage for Shizuka while she was on a scouting mission, and ended up helping her when she went into early labor and gave birth to her son Mizu. He cared for the baby while Shizuka completed her mission, and upon their return to the palace it was decided that he would continue to do so.

Kono essentially raised Mizu, since his mother was constantly on assassination assignments from the King and his father had little interest in him. The fact that Mizu, who was born premature, had constant health issues didn’t help. When the rebel attack took place, Kono didn’t participate on either side, instead treating the wounds of the combatants. Returning to the room a very sick Mizu had been quarantined in, Kono found it empty. He eventually found Mizu safe, but feverish and traumatized by the bloodshed he’d witnessed. He was clutching the Hex Amulet, which Kono Dolom hastily concealed and kept.

As Kono helped him recover, he learned about a rumor that Mizu had lost his mind. Kono realized the protection that lie would give them, and had Mizu pretend to be crazy even after he’d recovered. When he asked the rebels if he could continue caring for Mizu, they gave him permission, and sent them to live in an isolated summer home that used to belong to the royal family. There Kono raised Mizu in seclusion, training him in combat and the use of the stolen battle suit.


Kono Dolom is suspicious and generally crotchety, partly because he wants to be, partly to give the impression that he's a harmless, grumpy old man. He doesn’t resist being ordered around, just mutters and complains under his breath.


His once-black fur is going grey with age, blurring with the three white stripes down his back. He is tall and lean, with chipped claws, and has a bit of a back problem--he hunches too much and now he can't fully straighten his neck.

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