Synopsis & Plot

the Deboss and Jark Matter return to face the Kyoryugers and Kyurangers for one final confrontation the destruction to the earth once again the heroes are confronted by Deboss Axador and Jark Matter General Jakusion will the heroes be able to finish them once and for all lets find out


Kyoryu Red - Daigo Kiryu

Kyoryu Black - Ian Yorkland

Kyoryu Blue - Nobuharu Udo

Kyoryu Green - Souji Rippukan

Kyoryu Pink - Amy Yuuzuki

Kyoryu Gold - Utsusemimaru

Kyoryu Cyan - Ramirez

Kyoryu Gray - Tessai

Kyoryu Violet - Yayoi Ulshade

Kyoryu Silver - Torin


Shishi Red - Lucky

Sasori Orange - Stinger

Ookami Blue - Garu

Tenbin Gold - Balance

Oushi Black - Champ

Hebitsukai Silver - Naga Rei

Chameleon Green - Hammy

Washi Pink - Raptor 283

Kajiki Yellow - Spada

Ryu Commander - Shou Ronbou

Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Ryuki

Kamen Rider Scissors

Kamen Rider Tiger - Satoru Tojo

Kamen Rider Knight - Ren

Kamen Rider Gai

Kamen Rider Kabuto - Souji Tendou

Kamen Rider Gatack - Arata Kagami

Kamen Rider Drake - Daisuke Kazama

Kamen Rider Sasword - Tsurugi Kamishio

Kamen Rider TheBee

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