Lawrence Harvey is an officer of Time Force and ally of the Toppled Hourglass Rangers.


Not much is known about Lawrence Harvey's childhood, other than that it took place in a city where they never lit off fireworks--possibly somewhere in Massachusetts.  He joined Time Force in the year 3002, and was trio'ed up with Elizabeth Sanchez and Jacob Nicholson.  Becoming the impromptu leader of the trio, he commanded them through their various missions and promotions, from cataloguing past history to taking part in it to exploring other dimensions.

Around 3003, Time Force became aware of the Akra issue, and the Hourglass Facility's attempt to stop them.  They joined forces with the new Ranger team, and Harvey and his teammates were assigned to help collect Akra and Hosts, undo timelines, and return all parties to their original times.

When the Akra Queen toppled Hourglass and infiltrated Time Force, the trio realized what was going on, and with a little cleverness and a lot of luck, managed to escape into time.  They began assisting the surviving or brand-new Hourglass Rangers as freelancers.  This incidentally earned them Ransik's old place as Only Criminal Left.


Lawrence Harvey is a serious-minded leader (most of the time) and determined, though he is a little awkward regarding speech.  He has an irrational fear of thunderstorms.

Talents and Abilities

He is a trained Time Force officer, with an understanding of basic combat, 31st-century technology, and the handling of paradoxes and other temporal oddities.


Harvey is Asian.

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