Leone is a fictional city in the series Kamen Rider Pecos.

Formerly a small human slave mining camp occupied by the Pra'meths, it is now a bustling metropolis located in a canyon that used to be a small ocean trench and has parts of salvaged architecture from various cities.

The citizens of Leone believe that they are protected from the Pra'meths by two mysterious heroes and a ghost.

Locations in Leone:


  • The names of some of the buildings, places and people in Leone are related to people in westerns and tokusatsu. The city itself is named after Serigio Leone, the film director of the Dollars Trilogy starring Clint Eastwood.
  • During an interview, the series writer and creator was asked why a prosperous city existed in a post-apocalyptic Earth. His response was: "Like the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, I believe that humans are an indomitable species capable of surviving anything and coming out on top in the end. Besides, the whole grim situation of that setting has been done to death in media. I wanted to give viewers a spark of hope that no matter how corrupt and selfish some humans are, we are capable of compassion and greatness even in the face of death."

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