Lord Maahes
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: March 9, 1992
Age: 13
Season: Power Rangers: Rumor Legion
Type: Leader
Homeworld: Leonis Prime
First Appearance: The Legend Begins, Part 1
Last Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
Number of Episode

Lord Maahes is a primary antagonist of the Rumor Legion Rangers.


Maahes was the son of Lady Sekhmet, ruler of the Leonis star system. Sekhmet wasn't a terrible ruler, but her attempts at interplanetary conquest earned her the unwelcome attention of a team of Power Rangers in 2004. After her defeat and death, Maahes only just managed to escape with the help of his tutor, Lizadite, and the head of his honor guard, Valkyrie. They flew the Pyramid Platform to Mirinoi, where they crashed. Most of the crew was killed, but Maahes, Valkyrie and Lizadite were among the survivors.

He ordered his crew to find and capture the protector of Pandora's Box, and threw a tantrum when they failed. They were however able to steal the Quasar Sabers right out of their boulder, which to his frustration he was unable to free. Upon hearing that the warrior spirits inside Pandora's Box were choosing wielders, he was disappointed, having hoped that he or Valkyrie might be considered worthy.


Maahes is spoiled, immature and hot-tempered, though he wants very badly to be a noble warrior, and does try.  He relies heavily on others, not used to doing things himself.

Talents and Abilities

Maahes is trained in hand-to-hand and melee weapon combat.


Maahes is an adolescent Leoni--a subtype of the same general species as Kat Manx, being from the same region of space.  He has brown skin, hair and spots running along his cheekbones, catlike pointed ears (with earrings from both his parents), and fangs.  He generally wears green armor, though unlike most villains he actually changes his clothes on occasion.

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