Mariko Itsumi
Pink Beat
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: December 15
Age: 17
Season: Euro Sentai Beatranger
Colors: Pink
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Track 03: The Fifth Racer
Last Appearance: ????
Number of Episode
Pink Beat

"Racing into the unknown! Pink Beat!"

Mariko Itsumi (逸見 真理子 Itsumi Mariko) is the pink Beatranger, known as Pink Beat, and a field response operative. She wields power gained from Speed Resonance.


Recruited to Beatranger

Mariko is still in training to be a rescue operative when the Resonance anomalies begin. During Meloquarz's attack on the URFJ branch facility, she ventures out to help suppress the attack, not content with staying hidden and following protocols. As her actions allowed the existing Beatrangers to deal with the attackers in a swift manner, Mariko was invited to join the team.


Mariko is fiery and pretty competitive. She can be self-centered a lot of the time, and has few qualms about starting or joining fistfights. She’s the youngest of the group, but that does not diminish her ability at all. Her dream is to be the fastest person in Japan.


Pink Beat


As Pink Beat, Mariko has enhanced strength, a protective suit, and resistance to most hostile resonance, as well as super speed. She can summon the Euro Drivers, a pair of plated gloves, as her personal weapon.