Mary Oliver
Mesozoic Aquamarine Ranger
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: {{{birth}}}
Age: 15
Season: Power Rangers: Mesozoic Giants
Colors: Aquamarine
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Mesozoic Mission, Part 1
Last Appearance: Close of the Mesozoic Era
Number of Episode
Mesozoic Aquamarine Ranger
Mesozoic Pink Ranger

Mary Oliver is the former Mesozoic Aquamarine Ranger, and the current Mesozoic Pink Ranger.


Like her teammates, Mary was cloned from stolen DNA and given fake memories of being raised by her genetic parents. Specifically, Tommy Oliver and Kat Hilliard. She was a black belt by 13, and one of the youngest "recruits" into Mesozoic Giants. She and her teammates got along very well, and Mary was one of the best fighters on the team.

When the truth came out, and the Rangers were forced to go undercover, Mary chomped at the bit. Her intervention in a monster bullying a civilian earned her several taserings, and she angrily asked the others why they weren't helping. Strategy didn't particularly matter to her. When the first of the morphers was repaired, Mary volunteered immediately to destroy Mama D's half-built carrier ship, raising morale as she slowed down the pirates.

After the attack on Mama D's subcraft went somewhat sour, Mary refused to believe that her half-sister Danielle was drowned, personally searching the Sound until her teammates made her stop. She took part in the long battle to drive the monsters out of Northside in the accompanying chaos, and later took Zord controls to fight the Akra battleship.

Later, while Mary and Jack were arguing over his combat methods, they were attacked by Joshua Grace-Drake. His twin sister Tiffany had been destroyed by Belle in the Pink Ranger uniform, which Mary now wore. Not knowing about the morpher shuffling, Joshua overpowered Mary and began torturing her. Jack, realizing that Joshua's presence meant more Akra aboard the Silverstar, fled to deal with them, but Kev arrived in time to save Mary before Joshua went too far.

Mary recovered unusually quickly from the wounds Joshua had inflicted, in time to participate in the final battle with the Akra Queen. In that fight, she was stabbed by the Queen in Mighty Morphin' Green Ranger guise, but managed to destroy the Ranger before collapsing. She was found by her teammates when everything was over, only then going into shock. Realizing that her Akra was working subconsciously, the Rangers re-activated it with a push from Ry's regenerated Akra, and a dramatic little speech from Tori to make it want to live. It worked, although it was still very weak and left Mary still injured.

As Mary recovered, she formed an alliance with her own internal Akra, whom she named Cat.


As an Akra Host, Mary was stubborn and a wisecracker, though not without a soft side. When her Akra was rendered neutral, she became essentially a more dramatic version of the same thing: rude and hard-headed, but still generally friendly and not emotionally blind.


  • Elasmowhip
  • Elasmozord

  • Styracoshield
  • Styracozord


Mary has a slightly plump build, short blonde hair with bangs, usually worn in a ponytail, blue eyes and fair skin.

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