Gender: Male/None
Date of Birth: ????
Age: ????
Season: Euro Sentai Beatranger
Type: Crystallite
Homeworld: ????
First Appearance: ##
Last Appearance: ##
Number of Episode

"What is it that's so important about this world?"

Meloquarz (メロクォーツ Merokwōtsu) is a Crystallite servant and one of the major villains of Euro Sentai Beatranger.


Phasing Incident

Some time before the beginning of the series, Meloquarz was part of an expedition exploring the uninhabited region of his homeworld, in servitude to Emeralda. During the expedition, the craft he was on was struck with a powerful bolt of energy and crashed. When he emerged, he found that they were in very unfamiliar territory. He was angry with Emeralda's decision to stay and study the world, but could not overrule her due to their bond of servitude.

Encountering Beatranger

(to be added)


(to be added)


(to be added)


(to be added)

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