Mesozoic Manor is the primary base of the Mesozoic Rangers.


Mesozoic Manor was originally the home of a scientist couple, Eric and Katelyn Monroe (nee Ivers), but was converted into a base for the future Mesozoic Rangers when the Akra invaded Northside. The Rangers had to temporarily abandon it during Mama D's invasion, but returned first to scavenge from its laboratories, and then again to renovate it after the war was over.

It is a walled-in, expansive house with nine main rooms and a hallway linking them together. The main room has both living room furniture and a viewscreen over the fireplace mantel for showing monsters. Along with the indoor training room, there is a courtyard area for outdoor practice, along with a few trees filling the rest of the grounds. The Rangers have two dormitories divided by gender, though Tori usually sleeps either in an apartment in town or in the spare room when she absolutely has to stay overnight.

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