"How hard can it be? Toss a bunch of things in that vat and call it a day."
"Tossing a bunch of things into that vat would be called an explosion.
It takes precision to create something new."

Rubytune and Emeralda, on creating Mineralites.

Mineralites (ミネラライト Mineraraito) are humanoid creatures that Emeralda grows to keep the Beatrangers from compromising her experiments. They are composed of a mineral compound foreign to Earth. They have brown, rock-like skin marked with spiraling veins of prismatic ore. Their heads appear to be round helmets that are split in the back by large crystals of the same ore. Most of them use weapons, such as clubs or axes, though some have more crystals growing from their hands that they use instead. The degree of crystal growth on a Mineralite is not only a sign of how powerful it is, but also how aggressive it is.

Sometimes, natural anomalies will occur during the growing process, causing a different type of creature to be created. These creatures, called Resonators, tend to be more powerful than Mineralites and have unique properties, depending on the anomaly that occurred.

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