Monstele is a monster created by Sagittarius out of a monument.


Monstele was created when Sagittarius shot a special arrow into a stone monument in a graveyard. Sagittarius's inspiration was the lack of any funeral arrangements for the recently fallen Blue Ranger; Monstele would be enough of a monument for the entire team. It engaged the Rangers and the Hex Rider in Angel Grove Cemetery, capturing him as well as the Pink and Green Rangers and trapping them inside an airtight mausoleum.

The Red Ranger confronted it and fought, doing badly until Alpha was able to finish the Battlizer form he'd been working on. The new attacks shattered Monstele, but left his mausoleum standing. Fortunately Super ZeoZord V was able to destroy the building and free his teammates.


Monstele, being made of stone, is invulnerable to most attacks, and can generate black chains from its arms to ensnare his foes. It can also create mausoleums.


Monstele resembles a large stone chesspiece, humanoid but blocky and featureless.


  • Monstele's name comes from the word stele, which is a Greek term for a stone marker or monument.

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