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This article is about a/an object in Power Rangers Cyber V.

The Nanite Spy is a miniature infiltration robot sent by Kalask to assist with the collection of data on his opponents.


It first appeared during the Rangers' initial battle with Midnai. While Walter was battling Dreads, the Nanite Spy snuck into his glove. Back at Fort Myers, it situated itself in the rec room and overheard Jake and Wendy's plans to go out on the town. Attaching itself to Jake, it provided invaluable assistance to Kalask in accquiring Venjix technology from Wendy. In the aftermath, it left Jake and crawled into a ventilation shaft, where it began spying regularly on the Rangers, continuing to help Kalask plot his games. It proved instrumental in revealing Jeremy and Cindy's relationship to Kalask, leading directly to Emoti-Con's attack upon them. Later, it caught the Twins talking in the Zord Bay.

However, by this point, the Twins had discovered its existance, and had been playing certain roles to give Kalask false information. While on their way to stop Wendy from doing something rash to General Sauder, Matt borrowed Jeremy's Data Ray just long enough to incinerate the Nanite Spy.

When Kalask helped the Rangers find Winters' secret lair, he sent another Nanite Spy to infiltrate Alphabet Soup, and it attached to Winters' armor. It helped Kalask to locate Winters during the Horizon War event, and possibly afterwards, when he returned to punish Winters for interfering in his game.

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