Nevernight is a monster created by Sagittarius.


Nevernight kidnapped all of the Rangers on New Year's Eve, in what she called the gap between the new year and the old--the time it took the clock to strike 12. She confronted them individually--first David, who tried and failed to morph. She tried to drown him before leaving to taunt Lidian about being trapped there forever while the Zodiac Emperors took over Earth. He attacked but her time-stopping kept him from even landing a blow. Next she moved on to Sabrina and Casey, who had found each other already.

She fought Sabrina, again avoiding all of her attacks, while Casey talked. She pointed out that Nevernight's "between years" thing didn't really work. It was arbitrary and only worked for their particular time zone. Angry, she vanished, allowing the dimension to collapse.


Nevernight was talkative and surprisingly cheerful, even when taunting the Rangers.

Talents and Abilities

With her staff Nevernight could control the dimension Aquarius gave to her. She used it to teleport from room to room and stop time. She could also manipulate her cape like tentacles, and had powers connected to special moments of time like 11:11.


Nevernight's body was cloaked in a dark blue cape; the only part really visible was her cyan eyes. She wielded a golden staff topped with an orb full of glowing numbers.